Bonnie and Clyde Inspiration.

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Well, here as promised are the Bonnie and Clyde photos from Harper's Bazaar Magazine! I think the thing I like most about the pictures are all the little berets...ha, imagine that! There's just something I cannot put my finger on for why I like these pictures so much.. I think it's because they tell a actual story,unlike a lot of typical fashion spreads. Every picture is like a still from a movie, and the models don't seem too pose-y and stiff. Everything is natural, as well as the clothes! Sometimes I believe that I dress too fancy for everyday life, maybe perhaps I should dress more casually. Of course, I would still stay true to my style, but these pictures have shown me that you can look fantastic not completely dolled up all the time!

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Aya Smith said...

I just love this editorial! It's so funny we both did a post on B&C, lol :)