New Coat: I Feel Like Jackie O?

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Purple Coat: Jcpenny's mark down rack! $25.
Floral Dress: Forever21.
Purple Satin Shoes: Target.

I have no clue why, but I feel like Jackie Kennedy in this coat! Who knows why I have made this insane connection... I'm extremely happy with the coat though. Currently a family friend is fixing my regular winter coat (that has actually never appeared on my blog strange enough). I thought that I wouldn't be needing my winter coat anytime soon; little did I know of the big snow storm that came last week! Also, it has not been too warm and sunny (although it is supposed to be almost eighty on Thursday) ,so I have been needing something to get me through this in between weather. This coat has been my savior and is perfect! Not too heavy, not too light, in my favorite color, adorable peter pan collar, quirky sleeves, and my favorite part; the bow in the back!
Too bad that the weather is really starting to warm up! I want to wear this coat everyday... :)
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Lovely color. This style reminds one of the 60s Jackie O era!

I love Jackie O style.