Life's Snapshots #4: Spring Break!









Hello everyone!
Here's a few photos from my spring break (which sadly is over).
  • My Easter Basket from my grandma! Full of high fat goodness :)
  • A few of the classics I watched since it rained everyday. Sabrina was my favorite!
  • A DQ ice cream cake adorably decorated that my family devoured...
  • A new beautiful floral maxi dress courtesy of the Easter Bunny.
  • My new obsession: Mint nail polish. And I also bought a silver to match my prom dress!
  • Some books I picked up at the library on 1940's fashion. I would highly recommend both!
  • One day I went to Old Navy and purchased a few summer basic bottoms.
  • Sweet Easter cut out cookies from the local bakery, hehe.

* One of my lovely blog friends, Sandy of My Fair Lady , just did a wonderful interview with me today! It really captures who I am and tells some facts and little quips about me you might not know. If you want to learn a little more about me personally, please go check the interview out, along with Sandy's wonderful blog!*

With much love, Lauren.

P.S. Try and bear with me as I'm still tweaking my blog a bit and haven't quite got everything figured out. If you have anymore suggestions though, I'd still love to hear them!
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10 lovely little notes:

April said...

Great movies!! And I love that floral maxi dress!! Very pretty. :)

B. Outlandish said...

Love the dress! and the nail polishes.
My mom owns the book you have the, "everyday fashions of the 40's" She absolutely loves it.
Hope you had a great Easter, with all the goodies.

Sandy said...

ahh, seems like you had a great vacation! the ice cream cake looks so yummy haha!

By the way, I like the font you are using right now. It's easier on the eyes. =)


Janelle Haskin said...

Yummy Easter cake!!! :)


KB said...

Love the mint nail polish! Perfect shade for this warm weather.


Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

Oh, my favorite movies! And I'm wearing a maxi dress as I comment, you gem.~

Kezzie said...

I like Mint nail polish too! It's one of the few colours I have retained from my mad nailvarnish era! Nice dress, look forward to your interpretation of it. By the way, have nominated you for an award....

Cee said...

I just read your interview- it was fantastic, and I think the photos did a really great job of illustrating your wonderfully unique style, too :) Also, oh my goodness, that Easter basket? To die for! I wish I had woken up to something like that on Easter morning :)
PS: Sabrina is my second favourite movie of all time, after Roman Holiday :)

Mary said...

First things first: you comment on my post today MADE MY DAY! girl, you are hilarious. and also fabulous! :) Second: I love real-life posts like this, and I loved seeing all the fab new goodies you got! Plus I adore that nailpolish, and I can't wait to see it with your dress!

Sarah said...

Ooh I love this post! Love that dress and the COOKIES, yum?! :D xx