All The Small Things.

 A new handmade floral crown.

My favorite heels ever {Forever21}

Vintage evening purses {Thrifted}

Sunnies {l to r; thrifted, Sunglasses Warehouse, thrifted}

Romantic hats {Thrifted}

Delicate baubles {l to r; pin//thrifted earrings//thrifted bracelet// JcPenny's //necklace//Target}

Pieces to yet to add to my floral crown.

Being back home means being back with all of the small things in my room I had to leave behind. Some of the things were too fragile to take, I didn't have room, or I was afraid of losing them. It's nice to be reunited though because I think being surrounded by a few pretty things you love does incredible wonders on the mood.

Not to mention all of these little treasures are for spring. Sigh. Spring. It seems like a dream, something unattainable. It snowed so much here today that my little sister had a snow day. What a 'spring' break, right? Please, please hurry spring

With much love, Lauren.
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7 lovely little notes:

Andreea♥ said...

Gorgeous crown! Kisses

Priscila Oliveira said...

i love the crown ! *

Heather Belle said...

Those shoes are fantastic!!

Marie Danielle said...

Love the shoes!!

Jennifer Louise said...

Lovely crown :)

Much love,
Jennifer x

Sammi said...

Beautiful and romantic little pieces. I love them all! I ask myself that at least once a day - WHERE ARE YOU, SPRING?! It's sunny out right now and looks like it'd be warm... but it's not even close. Sigh.

xox Sammi

Xenia said...

Love your crown!