Life's Snapshots #46.

Told myself I wasn't going to buy anything more for the store...then I found these!

Writin' letters on some new stationary + that day I got this darling, matching ring in the mail from an instagram friend. 

Golly, this dress was so beautiful that I found at the antique store the other day!

Had a good time at the library last week and found a book on traveling in Italy that has been helpful!

Grandma made Hershey's chocolate pudding. A++++

Which one to choose...

Finally got a holder for all of my lipsticks!


Went to TJ Maxx a few weeks ago and picked up shoes for Italy + a good jacket for over there!

Roses will forever be my favorite. If I have a daughter someday, I might name her Rose.

Super cheesin' because this was such a good day with my mom.

Ugh, gourmet cupcakes from the West Side Market :) :) :)

Celebrated Steak N Shake's 80th birthday with milkshakes with Ryan!

I want to live in an old apartment in a downtown district someday, just like these. 

It's been quite awhile since I've done a life's snapshot's post, and even these ones are from the very beginning of summer! I've been trying to savor and really enjoy the last bits of summer that I have before I leave...but I always tend to get a little sad as July comes around and definitely August because summer is ending.

Anyways, enough sad talk! If you'd care to, you can follow me on instagram with @passingwhimsies :)

With much love, Lauren.
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6 lovely little notes:

Kezzie said...

Awww, so many happy things!!! Oh those dresses!!! I'd love to buy either of them if my size but you don't do international posting do you? X

Miranda said...

Lovely photos! The "super cheesin" one is super cute :)

Little Gold Pocket Watch

Katie Aman said...

Hehe, I just had to giggle because the pink dress in that top photo is sitting in my closet. I got it from Target when I was around 9 and wore it for Easter one year. Then I wore it for my engagement photos about 10 years later! It is a very pretty dress :)

Tineke said...

Those dresses are so cute, I love your style!
xxx Tineke

OrigamiGirl said...

Serious brand loyalty there with the lipsticks! :D I love the holder. I'm always losing lipsticks because I can take them with me in different bags and pockets. Also - pineapple bikini all the way.

Louisa Fiebig said...

woow I love your Blog! Your style is so sweet and adorable! Please have a look on my <3 :)