Colorful Vintage in Clinton Hill.

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colorful plaid crop top
vintage crop top
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Outfit Details:

Colorful Vintage Plaid Crop Top (similar)| Thrifted
Denim High Waisted Shorts (similar) | Thrifted
Irina Flats (on sale!) | c/o Loly in the Sky
White Scarf | Thrifted
Quilted Crossbody Purse (very similar for under $25) | Thrifted

Hi guys ♥

Another Brooklyn outfit! I seriously do love living in Brooklyn. At first I was really unsure. Brooklyn is so different from the city itself. There's really no rhyme or reason to the streets and I was so unfamiliar with all the that I'm two months settled in though I find a great peace here coming back to my sunny little room in Bedford-Stuyvesant after work. To be honest...I don't live in a great neighborhood. But that's okay. I know I'm just starting out and it's what I can afford at this time. It's definitely not quintessentially cute Brooklyn. I walk around 10 minutes away to the near by Clinton Hill neighborhood to take photos. It's not safe to have a camera out on the sidewalk in bed-stuy, so it's just best if I walk a little ways out. Although though my street is a little rough, I love where I live nonetheless. It has a lot of character and is representational of how most working class people in Brooklyn live. (not yuppies on their parents trust fund, ya hear).

Anyway, this past weekend I went thrifting at the Goodwill in Fort Greene which is my go to place. I found this adorable little crop top for under $5 :') It's perfection. A bit tight on me, but I'll die before I give it up! I wore a longer denim skirt to be more appropriate for work, but for every day wear in this summer heat it's perfect paired with denim shorts.

Goodnight cuties! x

With much love,

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4 lovely little notes:

Lauren | Musings of a Flower Child said...

Love this look, Lauren, and seriously, your photo locations are giving me life right now! :D Have you seen the movie Brooklyn? I'm not sure what kind of films you like, but I love that one for the NYC locations and the vintage fashions.
Have a wonderful Friday!

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

No one I know wears vintage pieces as well as you do, Lauren. Always has been that way! I love this cute ensemble. It's a real contrast with your last outfit with the black slip dress, but that what I like so much about your blog these days. It's almost like every decade suits you well!! :) xo

Girl and Closet said...

Such a darling crop top, what a great find and I've always wanted to visit Brooklyn. It's on the list! I have several friends that live there. Anyway, happiest weekend, pretty lady! xo

Carmel Elizabeth said...

I love this look - and all the Brooklyn photos lately! I've wanted to visit ever since reading A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, and you're making me especially want to at the moment.

Cheers. :)